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The world has stopped, turning our lives and reality upside down.

Let's use this time to reflect on our ideas and plans, including professional ones. Let's develop ourselves, create a space where we can realize our dreams and plans. At MBE we are here for you to build our future together.

If you are thinking about starting your own business but are in doubt about which business to choose, we invite you to take a look at our collaboration offer. Join our Network and become a Solution Manager of Mail Boxes Etc. in Poland!




What will you be doing at MBE?

We are a franchise focused on courier services and logistics for e-commerce that is thriving on the international market. Thanks to years of experience and cooperation with many suppliers, we have developed an reliable business plan, which we offer to our franchisees.

Every day, MBE Centres take care of hundreds of details - packing, shipping, handling, storage, receiving, packaging, graphic design, printing, consulting, shipping, copying, scanning, archiving, etc. It is the endless combinations of seemingly simple activities that allow us to offer business and private customers comprehensive solutions tailored to their individual needs.


Franchise: Courier Point+ in Poland

Undoubtedly, the basis of the activity of our centres are all kinds ofcourier services - domestic and international dispatch of all sizes, professional packing of shipments using the highest quality materials, parcel tracking and handling of import-export documentation, collection of shipments at a convenient time for the customer. We also offer our clients comprehensive virtual office services for their companies, with renting of address boxes, and support in the field of micrology for online shops (e-commerce). Additionally, our centres also provide printing services, from retail photocopying and printing to making marketing materials and personalised advertising gadgets.


Imagine these situations:

  • "We need to send an important spare part to be replaced in a remote production unit, in another country, tomorrow morning..."
  • "We need to create, print and distribute marketing materials in connection with the launch of a new product line from a certain company, during the holiday season."
  • "I need to deliver a 250-piece antique china set from my grandmother to an online auction winner based in Hong Kong."
  • .
  • "I need to register a business in this city, and I live at the other end of Poland."
  • "We are a small local start-up and we do not have the capacity to handle the growing orders from the online shop, and we no longer have a place to store our goods."
  • "We are organising a charity auction of artworks that we need to transport safely to Poland."
  • "We are flying to the Alps, we need to send our skis by courier so that they are waiting for us when we arrive."


MBE Centres use their expertise, experience and global contracts with the best suppliers every day to support customers and solve even their most unusual needs, taking their portfolio of services far beyond a mere courier point, making them indispensable business partners, fulfilling a range of shipping, packaging, warehousing and printing orders in one place.


Franchise MBE: Logistics and Shipping Center in Poland

We, as a franchisor, offer you the opportunity to operate under our brand. We provide you with our proven business model andwe help you start your centre step by step. We are there for you at every stage of your business development. We arrange your premises in accordance with network standards, provide you with furniture and equipment, conduct specialist theoretical and practical training for you and your employees in the scope of the services provided by our offer and complementary ones, so that you can constantly develop. We also provide you with online advertising to extend the reach of your outlet, as well as a whole range of marketing and sales materials. As part of an MBE franchise, we give you a proven system - the knowledge, tools, software and global contracts so you can start attracting customers from day one!

Your task is to take care of the company's image and to implement our business model in order to effectively provide services to customers. Find out more about the rules of cooperation and benefits of joining the MBE Network in Poland.



Why join an MBE franchise in Poland?


It's simple: because the services we provide to our clients are becoming more and more popular, and this trend will continue. The world, thanks to the development of technology, continues to "get smaller", shipments from one side of the globe to the other become a daily occurrence, the online sales industry continues to grow, so the demand for courier, micrology and advertising services is increasing. The variety of products and services, on the other hand, is rapidly making MBEs an indispensable partner for individuals and businesses large and small.

Building relationships is key, especially with local business owners: Solving customers' problems and increasing their productivity is key. At the heart of it all is the personal commitment of MBE Centre owners and their staff, expertise and dedication.

Thanks to our many years in the parcel market, we work with the best courier companies and have a wide range of services that we select for each client individually. The ability to provide many services in one place is what keeps customers coming back to us. If you are willing to ensure the delivery of high standards and quality service, they will come back to you too! Being part of the Network MBE is a lifestyle choice: it will allow you to generate numerous benefits and satisfaction, just as hundreds of other MBE entrepreneurs around the world do. Become a pillar of strength in your local community. Join Mail Boxes Etc.


Want to take on the challenge and join the best? Have questions about the MBE franchise? Contact us, our advisors are waiting for you.


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Mail Boxes Etc./Punkty obsługi MBE są prowadzone na własny rachunek i ryzyko przez niezależnych operatorów - franczyzobiorców, którzy działają na mocy umowy franczyzowej pod marką MBE. Za pośrednictwem swojej sieci franczyzobiorców, Mail Boxes Etc. świadczy usługi dla firm i osób prywatnych. Logistyka i usługi kurierskie stanowią główny przedmiot działaności MBE - które MBE realizuje na rzecz franczyzobiorców poprzez umowy zawarte z głównymi krajowymi i międzynarodowymi firmami kurierskimi - wraz innymi usługami graficznymi i poligraficznymi - realizowanymi bezpośrednio lub na podstawie umów zawartych z dużymi firmami drukarskimi. Usługi promocji dla biznesu i klientów indywidualnych świadczone są w ramach działalności gospodarczej sieci partnerów każdego z franczyzobiorców MBE, poprzez Punkt obsługi lub poza nim ("farming"). Każdy partner franczyzowy jest umownie zobowiązany do wykonywania wspomnianych usług. Mail Boxes Etc. i MBE stanowią zarejestrowane znaki towarowe używane za wyłączną zgodą MBE Wordwide S.p.A (wszelkie prawa do znaków towarowych są zastrzeżone). Usługi oferowane przez poszczególne punkty obsługi MBE mogą się różnić w zależności od lokalizacji. Materiały dostępne na tej stronie internetowej, zawarte tutaj informacje oraz wszelkie inne odpowiednie powiązane dane, nie podlegają w żaden sposób kopiowaniu, rozpowszechnianiu, modyfikowaniu, odtwarzaniu, powielaniu, pobieraniu lub udostępnianiu podmiotom trzecim, bez uprzedniej zgody wyrażonej w formie pisemnej. Nie odpowiadamy za nieuprawnione użycie lub wykorzystanie materiałów udostępnionych na tej stronie internetowej, jak również informacji lub danych tutaj zawartych .